"AHHHH! I'M OBSESSED!!!! I opened your card at my desk and the confetti made my day! Everyone I show is amazed at how beautiful your artwork is. Thank you!"


"I am a fitness trainer in NYC and besides constantly being on the go, I am almost ALWAYS dressed in fitness gear.  I feel like my SBA jacket is part of my "Trainer-Power-Suit!"  I love being able to layer it over my fitness gear for the most bad a$$ boss look!  I also love to rock it with my favorite mini-skirt for a night out dancing."

SBA Words To Live By

"Paint It... Wear It... Love It!"

(Shammy, Founder and Creator)



"Shammy created this amazing jacket for me after I had showcased her jackets at my salon.  I can't imagine a more perfect jacket for me and I rock it all the time!!!"



"I don't even know what to say.... You are so UNBELIEVABLY talented, it's crazy!  I am so proud of you for following your dreams and following what you love.  You are an amazing soul... and your art truly brings joy.  I am going to be HONORED to wear this.  The paw print inside the mandala... I honestly can't thank you enough."



"These are so cool!  I love them! She really went to town!  She added my favorite singer, Stevie Nicks, and my favorite flower... How'd she figure that out?  WOW!"

"For lovers

of wearable art!"




"I gave her an idea and a jacket, and boy did she deliver!  This is by far the best piece of clothing/art that I own and can't wait to rock it at the Lady Gaga concert in Las Vegas!"